Chaplain’s Message

One Earmark Of A True Leader:


Jonah 2:10-3:10

ONE EARMARK of a true leader is the display of initiative. By definition, leaders cannot wait for someone else to move; if they do. They are really followers, not leaders. Initiative requires an element of risk, faith and foresight. When did you last initiate something significant? If you haven’t pushed yourself lately and left your comfort zone, you may need a jump start in initiative.

Why Do We Fail To Initiate?

It seems easier to run from a challenge than to step out and take a risk. When we initiate, we commit ourselves to a direction. We may feel uncertain about what the future holds. What if we change our minds? What if no one follows? What if we fail in front of our followers? We run from commitment and initiative for a variety of reasons.

Jonah had to learn initiative. It started with learning submission to God. Once we surrender to his call on our life and leadership, we can step out to follow him. We can take risks because our future lies in his hands. Once Jonah submitted to God’s call, he saw all kinds of positive results in his life.

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