ICRC supports FCS response to COVID-19

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January 16, 2020
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14 April 2020

The head of Regional Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in the Pacific, Mr Vincent Ochilet, made a generous donation towards the Fiji Corrections Service’s battle against the Corvid-19 pandemic.
The donation, which comprised of over 200 boxes of cleaning agents, hand sanitizers, nursing protecting gowns, body soaps and washing soaps was received by the Deputy Commissioner of Corrections Senior Superintendent Apakuki Qura.
Mr Ochilet, said while this was outside the normal operations of the ICRC in their work with Corrections, it was inevitable that every organization are shifting their focus and investing in the fight against the pandemic.
“Because we work with Corrections, we are very well aware of the risks involved and also why the FCS must have in place strong prevention measures to keep it out of Prison walls,’’ Mr Ochilet said.

“In prison, social distancing is impossible and we know you have put in place strict measures to maintain as little contact or movement in and out of your facilities to a very minimal standard. We hope that what we have given today will boost your work and help you maintain the preventative measures you have in place.”
SSUPT Qura assured Mr Ochilet that the FCS had adopted a very serious response from day one because of the conditions inside prisons made the FCS a high risk area for the pandemic.
“We are very thankful for this donation, because the fight against COVID-19 is a daily and ongoing battle, and we have to ensure our officers, those under our care and our surroundings are also equally sanitized and that we all continue to observe good personal hygiene practices.”
Mr Ochilet said the ICRC will continue to support the FCS in the fight against the pandemic

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