Vakurunabili urges Fijian youths

Creating Better Citizens
April 29, 2020
FCS remembers fallen members
May 12, 2020

By NOA BIUDOLE – FIJI TIMES (29 April 2020)

ROBUST Fiji 7s forward Josua Vakurunabili believes the current state in the nation during this COVID-19 pandemic was the perfect grounds to create better law abiding citizens with the youth of Fiji.

“Right now it is the best time for youths to stay home and listen to their parents because that is where creating good citizens begins, at home,” Vakurunabili said.

The Vatukarasa Village in Sigatoka native who is also a serving a Fiji Corrections officer at the Medium Corrections Centre in Naboro said it troubled him to see many itaukei youths throw their lives away when breaking the law and believed it was time to make a change.

“I don’t want to see our future leaders in a correction centre, and I know there are better things to do out there then breaking the law,”

“It is painful to see someone waste their life because of some regretful actions,”

COC Vakurunabili supervises two inmates working at the Medium Corrections Center Joinery Unit in Naboro. Photo: FCS

On his experiences faced when rostered on duty at Naboro, Vakurunabili who is also a young father says he has learnt many valuable lessons which he hopes to instill in his young son Ratu Luke Vidovi.

“As parents we can only teach our children good manners so that they can be better adults in the future.”

Meanwhile, Vakurunabili says he continues to maintain his personal training with the Olympics Game still the main target.

“Like my team mates, I still do my part to keep fit.

“The Olympic Games is still the focus for me and I want to make sure I hit the ground in the best form when its time to return to the playing field.” 

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