Vegetable and Crops

Apart from commercial objectives, this Small Business Unit (SBU) is also focused on obligations in line with the People’s Charter which is to enhance the development of improved food security. The Farm Unit has grown over the years commercially to secure major clients for its products. Its main products for commercial purposes include ginger, dalo and vegetables. It is now focusing on planting banana too. Kaiming Agro Processing Limited and Freshpac Limited are two major exporters buying our ginger on a large scale apart from our walk in customers. Our main dalo buyer is exporter Sai Yee Foods apart from small businesses who order large quantity as well as walk in customers who come in on a daily basis. 10 acres at Field 25 is used up for ginger, 7 acres is for vegetable planting while we currently over 70,000 dalo plants on the grounds. Twenty eight (28) inmates are deployed on a daily basis to work on the farm under the supervision of officers.

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