New FCS headstones unveiled

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June 11, 2020
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Saturday 6 June, 2020

The families of five fallen Officers of the Fiji Corrections Service this morning unveiled new installed headstones of their loved ones at the Nasinu Cemetary.

The emotional occasion saw the families gather with the Commissioner of the FCS, Commander Francis Kean and his Senior Officers to commemorate and acknowledge the service and contribution of their fallen personnel to the country.

Gathered at Nasinu this morning were the families of the late Salase Balenaveikau, Eminoni Waqanivalu, Adi Viniana Wapikai, Vilikesa Guva and Waqadrala Tuitukia.

Guva family

“This we hope will be a fitting farewell gift to your families from the FCS for the contribution and life of service your loved ones had given to the organisation and country before their sad passing,’’ said Deputy Commissioner Senior Superintendent Apakuki Qura.

“We hope that these initiative by the FCS will help you cherish their resting place and give you sense of pride and longing during every visit to Nasinu Cemetry.”

Mrs Waqanidrola

Speaking on behalf of the families, Marama Guva, the spouse of the late Vilikesa Guva said the occasion was unexpected for all of them.

“We were all invited today and were told that the FCS had put up new headstones for our loved ones; it has indeed been an emotional day for us, only because we see today how much FCS cares about its fallen men and women,’’ Mrs Guva said.

Wapikai family

“We thank God for today and for a life of purpose. It has truly been a special day for us to remember our husbands and wife; the head stones are beautiful and we actually feel proud when we see what the FCS has done today,’’ she added.

Mrs Tuitukia

The mould for the headstones were designed, built and erected by the FCS Engineers.

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