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The Fiji Corrections Service is a key component in the Government’s administration of the criminal justice system and we are responsible for persons referred to us by the courts.Our basic function is to look after inmates with humanity and to help them reform and lead law abiding and productive lives upon their release.We currently have a staff establishment of 890 including civilians who work in the non-custodial areas of the Service.Thirty five percent (35%) of the FCS manpower is employed in administrative and other special duties which are not directly related to the custody of inmates.These include officers based at the National, Divisional and Institutional Headquarters, the Rehabilitation, the Enterprise, the Engineering, Emergency Control and other support Units.


 The Fiji Corrections Service is obligated to serve the public by keeping in custody those committed by the courts. Our three major roles are to provide:


This is one of the major functions of the Fiji Correction Service. The physical structure of the prison is extremely important. The role is two folds; keep society out and keep prisoners in. Therefore the prison structural designs are essential to keep both prisoners and society safe. The age, design and layout and level of maintenance of prisons have a direct impact on the level of security. Inmates’ classification and reclassification with proper institutional placement are important security factors perhaps as important as the security provided by the structure of the prison itself.


Another core function of the FCS is to ensure proper treatment of all inmates under its care in line with the UN Mandela and Bangkok Rules. Treatment of prisoners shall be fair. This includes the principle of treatment in respect for the dignity and value as human beings. We must ensure that they are provided with appropriate nutritional services, access to health services and appropriate hygiene services.


The continuous review of the rehabilitation framework and identification of effective rehabilitation programs is a major key focus in this SDP. We must ensure that their offending behaviour is corrected through access to correctional programmes, psychological, social and spiritual services. The inmates’ human development is improved through literacy, education and skill competency programmes and reduces reoffending to contribute to safer Fiji. The reformation of prisoners is vital in order to change their values, motivations, attitudes and perception and to re-socialise and restore them back to the community where they rightly belong.


To effectively rehabilitate inmates that will become law abiding citizens, who will contribute positively to our country, Fiji.


To Positively Restore Lives


  • Family
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • Empathy
  • Leadership
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