Human Resource

HR Vision

The HR Vision is to develop a diverse competent and well-managed workforce; capable of and committed to delivering high quality services to staff, customers and stakeholders of the Corrections Department

HR Mission

Human resource management in the Corrections Department aims to become a model of excellence, in which service to community stems from individual commitment instead of compulsion. Thus appropriately our mission is to engage in best practice human resource management that enables excellence in all our activities and programs.
The management of Human Resources or People Relations should be regarded as a significant task for those who have been charged with the responsibility and should be conducted in a professional manner.

Our Values

  • Recognizing that the Service requires the commitment of us all,
  • Leading well and behaving with integrity,
  • Upholding prisoner’s human rights and working with them as individuals to become law-abiding,
  • Ensuring that each have the required skills and competencies,
  • Accepting responsibilities and accountability,
  • Managing resources, including our time, cost-effectively,
  • Showing an innovative approach to our work,
  • Team working and acting in partnership with other organizations;
  • Demonstrating a commitment to fairnessequality and respect for each other and those we are in contact with.

Human Resource Role

– support senior management and line managers in executing business strategies,
– act as strategic advisors, not just facilitators of compliance, work to increase employee contributions, that is, employees’ commitment to the organization and their ability to deliver results,
– ensure human resource policies, practices and processes are aligned and support the achievement of the vision, organizational principles, values and commitment to employees,
– provide targeted, timely and cost-effective tools, processes and services to help meet departmental business objectives, and
– assist managers/Head of Departments to:

  • Do an environmental scan of current operations,
  • Provide data on current and future staffing trends,
  • Identify competencies needed for critical job classes,
  • Determine gaps between current staff and future needs,
  • Develop recruitment strategies, if necessary,
  • Develop workforce planning strategies,
  • Determine needed training and development of current staff to meet future needs,
  • Develop workforce planning strategies
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