The Tailoring Unit is the most successful Small Business Unit in the Fiji Corrections Service. In 2016, the unit produced more than 10,000 pieces of garments alone for the annual Methodist Church of Fiji conference. The demand was so huge that the orders had to be stopped due to the limited time. This is a positive indicator and reflects well for this Small Business Unit (SBU) considering the limited resources and of course the disadvantage of its location. This SBU is located at the Medium Corrections Centre in Naboro and is manned by inmates under the supervision of officers. The main products from this unit include skirts, bula shirts, kids clothes, sulu jaba, mens’ sulu and hats for kids and adults, among many others. The Unit is now focusing on market development towards growth and generating more sales revenue to achieve its breakeven target. It has managed to sew orders for Government departments, church organisations, business houses as well as other organisations and it is envisaged to grow bigger and better. The unit is also producing garments for the American Outlets, CK Easy Buy and the PNG High Commission. A boutique was opened late in 2015 to showcase some of the products and the work undertaken by Tailoring Unit. The outlet is located Naboro and houses various products under the YRP clothing label.

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