Bring back something for Fiji: Commissioner Salote

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September 26, 2023

20 September. 2023

TWO Senior officers presented their traditional itatau to the Acting Commissioner of Corrections Salote Panapasa this morning and also sought her blessings and advice before they leave to attend a leadership program in Singapore this week.

Assistant Superintendents of Corrections (ASC) Tuapati Kacivi, currently the Officer in Charge of Suva Corrections Center and ASC Josaia Naikalivou, the Officer in Charge of Pre-Release Center in Naboro will be away from 23 to 30 September.

The International Correctional Leadership Programme (ICLP) is an annual program which Singapore Corrections facilitates to strengthen partnerships amongst regional correctional counterparts, deepen bilateral relationships, to contribute positively to correctional landscapes within the region, and homeland security of each nation.
Commissioner Panapasa shared with both Officers, how they have been both selected on merit but impressed on them that their trip would be pointless if they did not learn anything.
“Bring back something for Fiji that is all I expect from you both, ’’said Commissioner Panapasa.

“You have both been selected because of your experience and the trust I have in you to go and share with them our own processes and programs and also to bring back with you things that can benefit us here in Fiji.

“This will be a return on our investment in the both of you.

“And Singapore is also where Fiji adopted the Yellow Ribbon Program from so it is always good to go back and see how far they have progressed, compare with us in Fiji and look at new innovations they have in place.

“I have been to two such training events in Singapore and I know the full benefits of attending, learning and sharing.”
The programme also includes info-sharing sessions by participating countries and Yellow Ribbon Singapore (YRSG), on Singapore’s measures in supporting offenders, and ex-offenders, in their journeys of transformation and society acceptance.

The program will culminate with the annual Singapore Yellow Ribbon Walk from which the Fiji concept was derived from in 2008 to now become the biggest Walk event of its kind in the region today.
“So they will also attend the Walk and see what they can bring back to add value and colour to our Fiji Yellow Ribbon Walk in 2024.
“Singapore is where we adopted our programs from and developed it to suit our local constructs.

“So it always a privilege for us the FCS to be invited back to attend and it presents us the opportunity to review also what new innovations they have come up with to add value to our own event back here at home.”

Commissioner Panapasa then reminded the Officers to ensure their family’s needs are all cared for before they leave the country.
It will be held from 23 – 29 September 2023, across various correctional facilities in Singapore.

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