Education assistance for students

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February 5, 2016
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February 15, 2016

FIVE students were today the recipients of an education assistance initiative by the Fiji Corrections Service.

The students – children of FCS officers – are selected to benefit from the assistance scheme based on their academic performance.

Acknowledging the students’ achievements, FCS Acting Commissioner Kameli Ratuvakalevulevu said their academic concentration and effort was commendable.

“I urge you to continue to work hard, focus on your studies and it will take you far – it will secure you good jobs and a good future,” he said.

The students, Motea Vosadrau, David Johns, Lydia Panapasa and Koto Tuilevu, were at the FCS headquarters today to receive the financial assistance extended by the FCS in an effort to support its officers.

The students echoed similar remarks, saying it motivated them to do well at school and to strive for better academic results.

On a successful note, former recipient of the education assistance, Belasio Balenaveikau, is now studying in the Philippines on scholarship. Proud parent Salesa Balenaveikau said his son had a passion for commerce studies.

“I want to encourage other students to listen to their parents. Do the right thing and do it right, sometimes we do the right thing but we don’t do it right so we must understand this,” he said.

Students are required to be first, second or third-place getters in their class to qualify for the education  assistance.


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