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The President Major General (Ret’d) Jioji Konusi Konrote’s Address at the Fiji Corrections Day
November 3, 2020
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February 3, 2021

05 November, 2020

Twenty one officers of the Fiji Corrections Service graduated this morning with a Certificate in Mandela Rules.
The Mandela Rules is the universally accepted minimum standards on the treatment of prisoners.
Graduating this morning are the Officers in Charge of each respective Corrections Center and the Supervisors of each division who can now administer training on the Mandela Rules to those under their command.

Director of Rehabilitation Senior Superintendent Salote Panapasa said the E-Learning course was conducted online over 14 weeks covering 7-modules. It is now an undertaking of the Fiji Corrections Service to go in line with the paradigm shift from containment to corrections.
“The course has been primarily designed as a practical training tool for prison officers and   other officials working in prisons. It is equally relevant for prison monitoring and inspection bodies and other (non-) governmental entities promoting prison reform in line with international standards and norms.”

Furthermore, she said that the officers will now be able to conduct in-house training to those under their command and in time the chief officers and duty officers of all the correction centers would register to undertake the same program.

“We will ensure that all Officers and personnel go through the same course.
“Currently the Mandela Rules and United Nations Conventions that refer to Corrections are conducted by our Legal officers at the FCS Training Academy whenever promotional courses are done, but now all will have access to the information through those who have graduated this morning.

She added that the e-learning course on UNDOC Nelson Mandela Rules is an eye opener for the first few Officers of the Fiji Corrections Service . The course keeps them abreast on the requirements of the Nelson Mandela Rules in the treatment and management of those under our care.

“It covers all the aspects of the functions of the FCS and it births empathy in the way we handle and attend to our duty of care.”


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