Kean: We’re in the business of saving lives

Spirit of change
June 9, 2016
Senior officers promoted
June 9, 2016

IN a motivating first quarter parade today, officers of the Fiji Corrections Service were reminded to value the contribution of every staff member, regardless of rank or profession.
At his inaugural parade, the newly-appointed commissioner of the FCS, Commander Francis Kean, drove home three key messages: the strategic private concept, leadership and an honest day’s work.
Commander Kean called on the FCS to unite, work together, focus on getting the basics right and above all, to consider themselves as rehabilitation officers for the people in their care.
“I want to inform you, the officers and men and women of the FCS that we are in the business of changing lives – the work that no other people can do but those who have a calling from God. Many are selected but few are chosen. In a very noble profession, we’re all blessed to be called to work under this institution.
“There’s a lot of challenges on our shoulders to ensure that at the end of the day, when we finish the work of rehabilitating those under our care, they go back into society to become better citizens of our communities, our families and most importantly, Fiji.”
Commander Kean urged the officers and civilian staff of the FCS to realise the importance of their role, make the right decisions as leaders and refrain from passing the buck and commit an honest day’s work to the FCS, the government and the people of Fiji.
” Everything rises and falls on leadership. Leadership deals with people, management doesn’t deal with people, it deals with productivity. So I call upon us all to ensure that as we are all leaders, we make a positive impact in the lives of those under our care, and when they leave us, they go back into society and make a positive impact.
“I also want to remind us all that we must have a learning attitude. Lastly, I want us all, as FCS staff, to see those under our care in the eyes of God.”
More than 200 officers attended the first quarter parade that was held at the Naboro Drill Square.

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