Major Demolition works in Suva

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July 23, 2019
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Monday 22 July, 19

The Fiji Correction Service recently conducted major demolition works at the Suva Correction Centre.

During a special media tour of the Suva Corrections Center by the Commissioner Commander Francis Kean it was confirmed that the old Main Cell Block, Awaiting Trial Block and Segregation Block at the Suva CC, which was constructed in 1913 was demolished due to occupational, health and safety issues.

“These prison blocks were not in use since 1998 due to its deteriorating state,’’ he said

A wide and lengthy consultation process was conducted between FCS, Ministry of Local Government, World Heritage Foundation, Suva City Council, our Project Engineers Shree Singh and Contractor Hot Springs Hire Services to secure the approval for this demolition works to proceed.

“We are thankful to our Contractor, Project Engineer and the FCS engineers for an incident free project. The total cost of this project was $732,234.11.”

Commander Kean confirmed that the final stages of the project required the vacating of 439 prisoners from Suva CC to other correction centres around country.

“This had to be done for safety reasons. This final stage of the project lasted for 7 days from evacuation out of Suva CC to relocating back to Suva CC. I commend the good work of all the Officers, men and women of the FCS who contributed to the success of this operation which had high security risks.”

Commander Kean also made special note of the support from the other disciplined forces to ensure the safe and successful relocation of inmates.  

“I also thank the Commissioner of Police and Commander RFMF for their support towards the success of this prisoner relocation operation. This project was done to make way for the construction of a new correction centre in Suva. We have been allocated additional funding for the survey and design of a new 600 prison capacity. “

This project is futuristic which will hopefully alleviate the overcrowding issues the FCS currently face at its biggest receiving centre.

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