Nadroga/Navosa joins FCS in its rehabilitation efforts

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Thursday, March 18 2021

Leaders of the two provinces of Nadroga and Navosa this afternoon pledged their full support behind the Fiji Corrections Service in helping reintegrate their own back to society when released from prison.

The FCS held a symposium today at the Fijian Resort Convention Center with representatives, and Turaga Ni Koro’s  from the 22 districts from the two provinces to explore ways to rehabilitate and reintegrate those who have completed ther prison terms.

This says the Roko Tui Nadroga Seru Nasagavale is a mammoth task that should not rest alone on the shoulders of the FCS.

“We are thankful for this meeting today, because now everyone is on the same page with the realization that if we do not help our own, they will go back to prison and that cycle will continue,’’ he said.

“So what we have done today is to try and refocus the responsibilities of the Vanua so that we can identify the root causes of crime and also to look at which types are prevalent in the province.

“Today we have now divided our work into two categories, to be reactive and proactive with the first step in trying to deal with the ones who are inside now and when they are released and proactive being that of trying to keep them out of Prison.”

Mr. Nasagavale said the meeting this afternoon was also to form a CARE (Community Action for the Rehabilitation of Ex-Offenders) Committee and also establish a framework in which they will operate.

“We heard today that the FCS has already established a partnership with the Church, it is my belief that this work of fully rehabilitating people will be further strengthened when the Vanua realizes its roles and responsibilities.

Commissioner of Corrections Commander Francis Kean said it was humbling to see the numbers who turned up today.

“We are here today basically to ask for your help, the work that we do in restoring lives is something we cannot do alone,’’ Commander Kean said.

“It needs a whole of nation approach, this is why we are here today to connect with the Vanua, especially the Turaga ni Koro’s from  the various village to come together and talk about how we can reintegrate into society those who have been released.”

“I applaud the spirit and attitude that has been shown today in the discussions and we are humbled that we have been able to achieve such a sitting with one of the biggest province in Fiji.”

The meeting managed to outline a guideline and framework which will be explored further at grassroots level before they finalise a plan in working the FCS in future.

“We need to get our house in order before we return and sit again with the FCS and then agree to a working relationship guideline,’’ said Mr Nasagavale.

The FCS has already signed MOUs with Provinces of Kadavu,  Rewa, Tailevu, Serua, Namosi,  Lau and Lomaiviti.

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