NCD’s screening for FCS officers and inmates

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January 19, 2015
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January 23, 2015

Dr.Epi Tamanitokula carries out health checks on an inmate in Naboro Corrections Centre.

A Non Communicable Diseases (NCD’s) health screening was carried out at the Naboro Corrections Centre yesterday by Ministry of Health officials as well as health workers within the Fiji Corrections Service.

FCS Medical Officer, Dr.Epi Tamanitokula says that the screening is part of the wellness program for the officers and inmates.

“In carrying out the screenings, we were able to detect cases such as High Cholesterol, high blood pressure as well as obesity,” explained Dr.Tamanitokula.

“It is imperative that we detect these cases at an early stage so that proper care can be taken to ensure that we all live healthier lives,” he added.

“This is our current program at the moment and these types of health checks are carried out to compliment the physical training activities that are carried out three times a week in the 13 institutions around the country.We really need to know and understand our health status so that we can improve on our eating habits as well as our day to day living.”

The health workers will be moving to all the 13 FCS institutions to carry out the NCD’s screening.

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