Planet Shakers Church visit the FCS

Solesolevaki in Lomaivuna
September 26, 2023
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September 26, 2023
22 August, 2023
The organisers of the Believe Fiji Tour, the Planet Shakers Church Ministry visited the FCS recently to conduct a workshop for both officers and inmates on Leadership and Motivational training.
Led by an Australian pastor of Fijian origin, Pastor Joe Vatucicila, who has worked with Corrections in Australia and New Zealand.
The group took Officers and NCO’s through a one-day crash course on how to deliver leadership and motivational training for inmates during the course of their duties.
Planet Shakers is a church for all. It is a large, diverse and rapidly-growing family, made up of people of every age and cultural background (over 150 nationalities) who genuinely love each other and are whole-heartedly committed to the church’s mandate of Empowering Generations to Win Generations.
“It is all about empowering this generation to teach the next, while seeking to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in ways that are relatable for all ages and races.”
The program called – the Zone Out program is a pilot program for the Fiji Corrections Service aimed at creating New Vision, New Attitudes, New Relationships and New Routine.
“Its all about trying to get inmates to break that cycle which has them in the life they are currently leading, but in order to do that we offer teaching models,’’ he said.
Participant of the workshop, Supervisor Southern Division Superintendent Alevio Turaga said the training was indeed an eye opener.
“For us it shows us better ways to do our work, one of our former mentors used to tell us there are a thousand ways to skin a cat and what Mr Vatucicila showed us today was very educational – it will really assist us help us to empower those under our care.”
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