Students awarded for excellence

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February 10, 2015
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February 10, 2015

L-R Motea Vosadrau, Belasio Balenaveikau, Supt Viliame Bulewa and Sereima Waqavuki with their parents standing at the back after recieving their cheques.

Five secondary school students of serving Fiji Corrections officers were recognised this morning for their hard work when they received awards for scoring high marks in their respective categories.

The five students scored high marks in the Fiji Secondary School Leaving Certificate and the Fiji Seventh Form Examination.

This has been the trend over the years whereby children of officers attending secondary schools vie for the awards and are recognised for their hard work when the results are revealed at the beginning of a new school year.

These awards have been provided by the Fiji Corrections Service as it was part of the 2014 Education Awards for Corrections Officers Children.

Corrections Service Assistant Commissioner (Operations), Superintendent Viliame Bulewa in presenting the cheques to the students, commended them for their hard work and wished them well as they continue with another year of studies.

“These students are our future leaders and we should support them in trying to reach their goals in life,” added Supt Bulewa.

Supt Bulewa also said that the FCS is always looking at setting the platform and trying to encourage its family members to excel in whatever they do.

Three of the students attend schools in the Central Division whilst the remaining two to receive their cheques attend school in Taveuni.

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