Unarmed combat training for disciplined forces

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February 2, 2016
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February 3, 2016

RFMF Deputy Commander Brigadier-General Mohammed Aziz receives a donation of taekwando uniforms and equipment from the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Fiji Seong-in Kim.

SELECTED officers of the disciplined forces gathered at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Delainabua today to mark the opening of another martial arts training program.

Officiating the opening was the RFMF Deputy Commander Brigadier-General Mohammed Aziz, FCS acting Commissioner Kameli Ratuvakalevulevu and Ambassador for the Republic of Korea to Fiji, Seong-in Kim, who handed over a donation of taekwando uniforms and equipment to the academy.

Addressing the officers, Mr Aziz said the training was not intended for negative purposes  but for self-defence and to allow participants to take part in major sporting events.

Corporal Aisea Vidredreki of the RFMF Unarmed Combat Academy said the training would enable the officers to carry out their work which prioritised the security of the people.

“We wanted to share this knowledge with our brothers from the other forces. This training is important when we consider the crime rate and the strategic and tactical methods of criminals so we need to up our game and this training helps us to do that. The participating officers will take back what they learn and apply it to their respective work places,” he said.

Cpl Vidredreki said the training did not only focus on the physical aspects of the individual’s makeup but also their moral values and commitment to family.

“Martial arts strategy does not only focus on skills and technicality but it also molds the individual to see life in a more humane way,” he said.

FCS Assistant Commissioner (Operations) Jo Kulinidilo said officers were sent for the training based on the invitation of the RFMF.

“This training really suits us because of the nature of our work,” he said.

The course proper will commence next week and will continue for 6-12 months.

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