20 graduate from Basic Instructors Course

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July 14, 2017
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July 26, 2017

TWENTY Fiji Corrections Service officers from within our 14 institutions around the country graduated from a five weeks Basic Instructors Course at our Naboro Academy.

The course, which was specifically designed for all Institution Sergeant Major (ISM) and Division Sergeant Major (DSM), focuses on their development – developing those basic skills and knowledge expected of an instructor.

They play an important role in every institution, commanding instructions to members, instilling discipline and ensuring that each officer live up to the expectations and work towards our main mission of successfully rehabilitating those under our care to become productive citizens of the country.

At the end of the course, participants were able to have a working knowledge of the basic requirements of the conduct of instructions, evaluation of instructions, lesson planning and were also taught the proper and accurate ways of conducting drills.

Deputy Commissioner of Corrections, Senior Superintendent Jo Kulinidilo officiated at the ceremony and reminded the officers of the importance of their roles in all institutions.

“Go out there and perform your duties to the best of your abilities. You must bear in mind that your role is vital in your institution and the members will look up to you. I hope what you have learnt in the past five weeks will be put into good use,” SSP Kulinidilo said.

Sixteen officers graduated as Institution Sergeant Major (ISM), three finished the course as Divisional Sergeant Major (DSM) with a lone Corrections Force Sergeant Major (CFSM).

COA Saimoni Baleiwai was recognised and awarded as the top student.

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