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July 1, 2017
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July 24, 2017

The Fiji Corrections Service has taken another proactive measure in their Yellow Ribbon Project campaign aimed towards the successful re-integration of ex-offenders back into society, with the implementation of its CARE Network.

The Community Awareness and Rehabilitation of Ex-offenders (CARE) Network program is now being piloted in Serua and Namosi with the formation of a committee to improve the effectiveness of ex-offenders’ rehabilitation in the community.

Its main target is to have a concerted and coordinated approach towards supporting rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-offenders back into society.

It also ensures that the CARE Network initiates from day one of when an offender is incarcerated until the day of their release.

Roko Tui Serua, Seru Ratukalou is thankful to the Fiji Corrections Service for being proactive saying this initiative would be integrated into their Provincial Development plan.

“Too often these people (ex-offenders) are neglected by the community but we will ensure through this program that they are helped as well as their families so that they become responsible sons of Serua as well as better citizens of the country,” Mr Ratukalou said.

“We will be discussing this at our village development meetings in the four districts on August 17 and it will certainly be a key point of discussion in our provincial meeting in November where we hope to discuss our way forward and what needs to be done to rehabilitate ex-offenders.”

Assistant Roko Tui Namosi, Watisoni Raikadroka said the launch of the YRP last month has opened their eyes to extend a helping hand to the ex-offenders who were often looked down at and not cared by the community; even by their families and relatives.

He said they would be discussing about the CARE Network at the District level meeting on July 17.

“We are going to action our plans and continue to discuss effort to help these people become productive members of Namosi.”

Fourteen committee members were identified as part of the CARE Network for both provinces. The Fiji Corrections Service launched its inaugural YRP in the form of a workshop at the Pearl Resort in Pacific Harbour last month. The approach used was a paradigm shift from an open air gathering exercised previously with the main objective on achieving more awareness on community action for the rehabilitation of ex-offenders.

The Fiji Corrections Service will continuously engage with both the province to monitor the establishment of the CARE Network before they independently operate.
Similar forums are planned for other provinces.

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