Be agents of Change, Graduates told

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April 28, 2020
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April 29, 2020

29 March 2020

The Fiji Corrections Service Training Academy has had a very busy first quarter of the year with already three groups graduating between January to March this year.

Thirty One Temporary Correction Officers successfully completed a hectic five week Correction Officer Class C Leadership Promotion Course.

The 31 custodial officers from around the country were lectured and examined on Legislation, International Obligations under the Mandela, Tokyo n Bangkok Rules, basic counselling techniques, standard operating procedures, administration and policy plus the core ingredient of the course leadership.

Deputy Commissioner Corrections, Senior Superintendent Apakuki Qura congratulated the young custodial officers this morning and implored upon them to put into practice the lessons learnt from this five week training course.

“When you depart from here today, go back to your units and become agents for change,’’ Qura stressed to the successful course participants.

Deputy Commissioner Qura, also emphasized to the course participants the importance of ensuring that this five weeks of training be an investment to their personal lives plus the Fiji Correction Service and not become a cost.

Also present at the ceremony was the Assistant Commissioner Operations, Senior Superintendent Tui Saladoka, and the FCS Training Academy Staff.

Following that, Eight junior officers graduated from the PCO/CCO Promotional Leadership course in March 27.

Commander Kean with graduates and course lecturers

Dubbed as the toughest Training Course at the FCS, the participants were taken through a hectic 7-week academic and physical course which pushed them to their limits.

Course facilitator Commander Kean said the course demands a lot of focus and discipline and was designed to bring the best out of officers which they will then take back into their various institutions.

“The greatest challenge however is for them to put to the test all they have learnt when they get back to work.”

“I congratulate the 8 who managed to pass this very tough course, I know their families will be very proud of their achievements and promotions.”

In the first week May 2020 the 1st batch of those attending the Basic Recruit Course for 2020 was also set to graduate.

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