Clean up campaign at Taveuni Hospital

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September 12, 2014
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September 13, 2014

An officer and inmate cleaning up at the Taveuni Sub-divisional Hospital during Civic Pride

Thirteen inmates and eight officers of the Fiji Corrections Service helped in cleaning up the backyard of the Taveuni Sub divisional Hospital in Waiyevo yesterday (6th September)

The huge clean up was organized by the Committee of the Board of Visitors who indicaated that the cleanup campaign has been long overdue.

“We  are sincerely grateful to the officers and inmates in Taveuni for their support towards a worthy cause,” said Chairman for Board of Visitors, Mr. John Davies.

“Thanks largely to the efforts of the officers of FCS that enabled us to thoroughly clean the backyard which has been neglected for six years now,” added Mr. Davies.

The FCS has always played a huge role in the communities in terms of carrying out their civic pride duties.

The FCS will continue to engage with community partners through civic pride programs.

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