Red Zone Awareness for Wailoku

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September 11, 2014
Clean up campaign at Taveuni Hospital
September 12, 2014

Children turned up in huge numbers for the Red Zone Awareness Program in Wailoku.

Residents in the Wailoku area in Tamavua have been urged to interact more as a family to avoid family disputes and problems.

Speaking to more than 100 residents in Wailoku last night, Community Liaison Officer for the Fiji Corrections Service, Mr. Sitiveni Raitamata said that it is important for families to work out their issues at home.

“There is a need for co-operation and understanding between family members as most of the inmates that we have inside our institutions come from broken families,” he stressed.

“Parents, I urge you to speak to your children more often and find out if they are coping with school work and most importantly, monitor them after school hours and during the school holidays,” said Mr. Raitamata.

Residents were also reminded to think of those that are currently incarcerated in the Corrections Centers around the country.

“They will one day return to our communities and settlements and we need you to give them a second chance so that they are able to get back on their feet and become law abiding citizens.”

Anglican Archbishop, Mr. Winston Alapua was also present at the Red Zone Awareness and encouraged residents of Wailoku to always abide by the law and be God-fearing citizens.

“I must applaud the Fiji Corrections Service for taking time out to come and speak to the residents of Wailoku and we sincerely appreciate the work that is being carried out in all corrections centers,” said Mr. Alapua.

The Fiji Corrections Service will be visiting more Red Zone areas around the Central Division to carry out awareness programs.

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