Davuilevu Theologians visit Naboro

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September 25, 2023
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September 26, 2023
20 July, 2023
For the first time ever, students from the Davuilevu Theological College visited the Naboro Corrections Complex.
The visit also included those Pastors currently serving at Davuilevu who have also become part of the rehabilitation spiritual counselling programs to inmates serving in Naboro and Central Division.
Acting Commissioner of Corrections Salote Panapasa said this was the first time that students from Davuilevu and also volunteers to visit the facilities in Naboro.
“We are blessed to have those that serve to walk into our midst where the work of faith is a great rehabilitation tool for all inmates.”
“Today we prepared a presentation for them taking them through the history of FCS and the establishment of our. rehabilitation programs and where the work that they do comes in.”
The group visited all the major facilities involved in the rehabilitation efforts in Naboro so they could see how their work can add value to what is already in place.
Pastors of the Fiji Methodist Church and other religious denominations have a very intensive program at the FCS where they are allowed access to inmates on a daily basis to conduct counselling and spiritual guidance.
This is coordinated through the office of the FCS Chaplain Rev Kinijoji Serutawake.
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