FCS take time out with Family

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November 22, 2021
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December 20, 2021

15, December 2021

Families of Central Division staff on their way to Dolphin Watching in Natalaira

Fiji Corrections Service personnel from the five major Divisions took time out to kick back, relax and enjoy the surf, sand and sun with their families at designated picnic areas over two Saturdays.

The end of the year program was to reward personnel and families after coming through a very challenging year especially during the second wave of COVID-19.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, mums and dads packed their kids into buses organised by the FCS and went on their way to their designated picnic areas with National Headquarters choosing Naselai Beach, Central Division went up to Dawasamu to enjoy the Natalaira Eco-Park, Southern Division went down to Galoa Beach while the Western Division enjoyed their family day at Lomolomo Beach.




Wives and children of NHQ personnel tuck into lunch at Naselai Beach

Those in the Northern Division spent their day at Korovatu Beach in Malau, just outside Labasa.

Deputy Commissioner of Corrections Senior Superintendent Apakuki Qura shared that in the past the FCS hosted Christmas Functions for its men and women.

“But this year we have done things differently, because it was also a very different year compared to other years due to COVID, we had to thank the families for their support and so we decided to give them all a family picnic day to enjoy themselves as part of the FCS family.”

The FCS usually arranges family events throughout the year but this was not possible this year since the lock down in response to the second wave of COVID from late April this year.


COC Adi Dauloloma and COB Pau Tuinona with their children at Natalaira

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