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December 15, 2021
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Monday, 20 Dec 2021

Members of the newly formed Fiji Corrections Service Ex-Servicemen Association have renewed their ties with the current leadership of the organization.

The renewed relationship seeks to further strengthen the organization and unite the families of Corrections Officers, who are serving, who have retired, their children including the families of FCS personnel who have passed away.

FCS ladies representing the Tovata confederacy

Led by former FCS Officer Peni Rokodiva, the newly revamped group joined the serving personnel and officers from the Tovata Confederacy to visit and congratulate Commissioner Commander Francis Kean on his re-appointment for the next 5-years last Friday at his residence in Domain.

The visit was following on from a series of special events hosted by the FCS where the Ex-Servicemen were invited to be a part of in the past few months.

Personnel from the Kubuna and Burebasaga group had already made their visit in the past few weeks.

Mr Rokodiva said, they were honoured and overjoyed to have been welcomed back with open arms to renew their partnership with the institution they once served with pride at a time when working conditions were so much different than it is today.

“We worked in a time where it was all lock and key and not so much rehabilitation focused, and today we beam with pride with all the positive changes and new outlook of the FCS which has really raised the standards of a disciplined force,’’ said Mr Rokodiva.

(l-r) Mr Seveci Nasilisili, former head of the ECU, Supt Vitoriano Vito and Mr Peni Rokodiva the President of the Ex-Servicemen Association

“A lot has been said and fingers have been pointed at the leadership of FCS over these recent years, and I must say that every time someone dragged the FCS through the mud via negative media publicity it always hurt us deeply – because we still feel a lot of pride for FCS and we are the living testament to the changes the FCS are now going through which is by far the most impressive we have seen and plus we know the hard work put in by the current leadership and serving men and women.”

Commander Kean said the partnership will only help strengthen the organization as a whole.

“Our retirees are a great source of information from years of working, their experiences are priceless and we often look to them for mentoring of our young men and women,’ said Commander Kean.

“They worked at a time when conditions were much tougher and its always interesting to learn how they managed to overcome challenges in their time when the FCS were not given much in terms of funding and facilities.”

Commander Kean said Fiji was going through very interesting times and it was important that the FCS continues to build bridges with the community to improve its capacity of helping restore lives.

Meanwhile, the Ex-Servicemen Association also held their Christmas Family break-up party the week before where they also invited members of the current serving staff.


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