First ever for NHQ

FCS takes part in showcase
July 22, 2014
Inmates learn more
August 1, 2014

Officers of NHQ after the Supervisor Headquarters parade.

The Supervisor Headquarters of the Fiji Corrections Service (FCS), Superintendent Kaliopasa Bogiva has called on officers of the national headquarters to be consistent and be proactive in their duties at all times.

Speaking during the first ever Parade for National Headquarters officers held at Veiuto in Suva this morning,  Supt Bogiva reminded them to work together so that they can achieve their target as set by the Government.

“Let us work together and lift the image of the FCS to another level in the coming months,” Supt Bogiva said.

He also highlighted that the success of the FCS is  entirely up to the worthy contribution by officers.

“If we want to achieve what has been set out for us this year. We can, because only together we can make it”

Supt Bogiva added that headquarters officers must set standard for the Service and should live by those standards.

However, he has called on leaders at all levels to set and uphold the standards at all times for incoming officers to follow suit.

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