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July 24, 2014
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August 7, 2014

Inmates with their certificates after their graduation on Small Engine Repair course

Thirty-nine inmates from the Suva Corrections and Women’s Corrections Institutions received their certificates after a one week training on Small Engine Repair and Basic Computing courses at the Enterprise Outlet in Korovou this afternoon.

Speaking to the graduates, Officer in Charge at the Suva Corrections Institute, Deputy Superintendent, Apimeleki Taukei said that it is imperative that the inmates value all that they have learnt so that when they are released back into their communities, they will be able to put all they have learnt into practice.

“The Fiji Corrections Service is grateful to the continued support from our course facilitators, Dave and Judy Huttons who have returned again this year from Australia to teach our inmates on life skills that will come in handy once you are released,” said Mr. Taukei to the graduates.

“The onus is now on you to keep on learning and continue to strive for a positive future,” added Mr. Taukei.

Dave Huttons said that most times, those who return home after serving their sentences face a lot of challenges especially in securing job opportunities.

“The skills that they have learnt this week has certainly opened their eyes to the endless opportunities ahead and will certainly boost their morale when they return to their own communities,” he added.

Judy Huttons said that imparting knowledge to the inmates was a truly enriching experience.

“We volunteered for this very noble and worthy cause because we believe that reaching out to these inmates will be rewarding for them once they return to their homes,” explained Mrs. Hutton.

Next week, the volunteer couple from  Westlife Church of Springfield Lake, outside of Brisbane, Australia will be training inmates at the Naboro Corrections Institution on the construction of bee-hive boxes as well as basic computer skills.

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