Hard talk for secondary schools

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October 24, 2014
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October 31, 2014

Chief Corrections Officer and old scholar of QVS, Rusiate Batiratu talks to students at the school on Saturday night.

The Fiji Corrections Service (FCS)  has stepped up on its awareness programs by taking the message right to the students in the various schools around the country.

Through their Hardtalk programme, the FCS have visited a total of nine secondary schools in a bid to teach students that prison is not a glamorous place after all.

Yellow Ribbon Programme Coordinator, Assistant Superintendent Isireli Dausiga says that it is imperative that students learn now that there are always consequences to wrong  decisions that are made.

“We have a total of over 1,500 inmates that are being incarcerated in the 13 institutions around the country, including two babies who are in prison because they need to be with their mother,” explained Mr. Dausiga.

“That is the reality that we are facing today and we at the FCS would like to see that the number of people coming into the institutions will gradually decrease some day. So it is time now that we talk some sense into the students as they are our leaders of tomorrow,” added Mr. Dausiga.

Over the weekend, Corrections officers and former students of Queen Victoria School,  traveled to the Tailevu school to talk to the students of taking their education seriously.

“This is another strategy that we have put in place at the FCS and that is to allow the officers who are former students to talk to them and share with them what prison life is all about.”

“It is also one way of showing and teaching them that they can achieve their goals if they put their hearts and minds into it,” he added.

The FCS will continue with their Hardtalk Programme especially in secondary schools.


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