Inmates and officers sing carols around the capital

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December 19, 2014
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December 24, 2014

Inmates and officers of the Fiji Corrections Service singing carols at the Colonial Memorial Hospital.

Officers from the Fiji Corrections Service have joined up with inmates from the Suva Corrections Centre as well as the Women’s Corrections Centre to spread the Christmas message through carol singing in venues around the capital city.

This week the choir sang at the Westpac Main branch as well as the Colonial War Memorial Hospital much to the delight of the everyone who witnessed them singing.

The choir will continue with their carol singing next week to senior citizen homes, hospital clinics and orphanages.

Director Rehabilitation for the FCS, Superintendent Salote Panapasa says that this is all in their bid to spread the Christmas message.

“We have wonderful voices in our inmates and of course, this is one way of rehabilitating them in terms of exposing their talents. Our aim is to also spread the wonderful spirit of togetherness that the season brings every year,” added Ms Panapasa.

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