Noble profession requires more recognition

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February 13, 2023
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February 13, 2023

12 February 2023

“This Government is well aware of the hard work by our Corrections Officers and also how they are not monetarily rewarded to the level which befits their efforts.”

This statement by the Attorney General Siromi Turaga that brought smiles to all who gathered at Naboro during his first official tour of the Fiji Corrections Service complex.

Mr Turaga assured FCS personnel that the new Government were well aware of the situation with Corrections and the immediate changes that were long overdue.

“Your job is a noble calling, and your efforts should be equal to the monetary rewards or conditions of work, because you do work which is totally different to others but is work that impacts the nation’s security and community.”

Mr Turaga was also impressed with work already undertaken to bring the Special Business Units in Naboro to the current state it is in today.

“We must commend the work of those who were here before, but now let us look to the future and see what else we can do to add value to your work here.”

He also further reminded all to keep away from further tarnishing image of the service or officers on social media.

“The world now knows all about you, I implore you who are here today is to refrain from any more                                                                                                            ­negative postings on social media, now is the time to work together and move ahead.”

The Attorney General also stated that some policies will need to be reviewed in order for the FCS to move on to continue to effect positive influences in the community.


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