COMCOR hails team for ACP Achievements

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September 26, 2023
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September 26, 2023
04 August, 2023
The Acting of Commissioner of Corrections Salote Panapasa this thanked her Men and women for their efforts in achieving their Annual Corporate Plan Targets for 2022-2023 at this morning’s monthly Parade in Naboro.
“I thank you all for your efforts and contributions that has enabled the FCS to achieve its Key Performance Indicators for the last financial year.
“This is a reflection on the hard work you have all done and you should all be proud of yourselves that once again the FCS, as an organization has achieved its KPI’s mandated by the Government of the day.
She further added, that she and her Command Group have conducted a workshop with all OCs and Supervisors on how to formulate their own business plans and to how to gauge their work outputs every quarter.
She said that for this year, the Audit and Compliance Unit will be responsible for the monthly verification of ACP Achievements for proper monitoring of KPI results.
“Your officers will help facilitate these new strategies from the business plan to achieve their KPIs and disseminate the information to all under their Command.
Also this morning, 35 Officers and Personnel were promoted and were reminded of their call of duty.
“You must always remember that this work is God’s calling for you to make a difference in the life of others.
“After comparing our Person to Post against Line and Column these 35 personnel were found to be under ranked and so have been promoted to the rightful rank of the positions they hold currently.
“I have mentioned this before in my previous parade. There are also some who are over ranked and they will eventually be moved to their right and appropriate posts in due course.
“I congratulate those who will be promoted today, but bear in mind with those ranks comes responsibilities and to attend to the Call of Duty which God commanded of us as Correction Officers.
“Celebrate this with your family and give thanks to where its due, this promotion comes from God
“So always remember. He can give it to you and He can also take it away if you do not work honestly and honorably.”
Commissioner Panapasa also reminded all to not be swayed by Social Media on the rise in food prices and to be aware that increase is up to 15% and not up by 15%. It’s up by 6% from the existing 9% to make up the 15%.”
“Manage your pay wisely and invest in vegetable gardens in your own back yard to lessen the burden.
They were also reminded of the age old problem of not attending to duties when required – something which often impacts the work of those particularly in the Corrections Centers.
“Our AWOL incidents still exist and I remind you once again this is often the effect of your indulgence of alcohol and I will not tolerate if you are missing from work because you were drinking somewhere.”
“When you do not report to work, it puts a load on the whole team because either someone will be called in to pull your shift or others at work will have extra duties. And this will affect their plans with their families.”
“We have to work honestly, diligently and with purpose, we have to live and work by the Values of the FCS that we preach about.
Her final message to her Men and Women was to always remember their parents.
“Always keep money aside for your parents, remember them while they are still alive and for the sacrifices they made raising you – that will be your greatest blessing.”
Lastly, all were reminded about their loyalty to the Chair of whoever is in Command.
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